Carlo Gavazzi 3 Phase Energy Meter EM24 CT connection


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Brand name: Carlo Gavazzi


Energy Management / Energy Analyzer Type EM24 DIN

This product has the following features:

Three-phase energy analyser with built-in configuration joystick and LCD data displaying; particularly indicated for active and reactive energy metering and for cost allocation.
Housing for DIN rail mounting with IP50 (front) protection degree.
Direct connection up to 64A and by means of external current and potential transEnergy Management Energy Analyzer Type EM24 DIN
Dimensions: 4-DIN modules Protection degree (front): IP50 RS485 serial output (on request) (MODBUS-RTU), iFIX SCADA compatibility
Application adaptable display and programming procedure (Easyprog function)
Easy connections management MID “annex MI-003” (Measuring Instruments Directive) compliant formers.

Moreover, the meter can be provided with digital outputs that can be either for pulse proportional to the active and reactive energy being measured or for alarm outputs.

Manufacturers code: EM24DIN AV5 3 D IS X

Model Number = EM24 DIN

Range Code: AV5 = 400VLL AC – 5 A (CT connection) – 400V/5A INPUT

System: 3 = 3 phase

Power Supply: D = 115/230 VAC (48 to 62Hz)

Output: IS = 3 digital inputs for tariff selection or Gas / water / remote heating metering plus RS485

Options: X = NONE

This meter does not have Self Power Supply feature. This means that in order to start it up the ports 55 and 57 need to be energized as per the drawing No 20 on page 11 in the manual.